Available Dogs

Naturally Reared Saluki & Azawakh
Form, Preservation & Function
Georgia, USA

Please contact us for information about available puppies
and planned and expected litters.

Galleries Available

Planned Azawakh litters:
Tamahan x Tella (at Xanadu Farms)
Available Azawakh puppies:
Issoudem x Imood (at Coineann Fearann)
Planned Saluki litters:
Alf x Nasyiiat (at Xanadu Farms)

Occasionally adult dogs become available for rehoming for a variety of reasons. Adult dog homes will be screened as carefully as puppy homes. If you are interested in an adult Saluki or Azawakh, please contact us for more information.

Emegal (left) and Hediyah (right) are bonded with one another and available together only to the right home.
Please email Alison for more information (atyler1462@aol.com)

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